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Benefits of Smart Town

The tech-savvy generation usually requires smart apps which help them interact with the society smoothly.
This is where Smart Town the housing society management services steps in! A one-stop solution for a smart township.

Collaboration platform for society members and agencies

Smart Town is a feature-packed technologically efficient app which collaborates information about all the society members, vendors, suppliers as well as other agencies all in one place for an easy and quick access to society management services.

Vendor contact directory within app calling facility

Smart Town offers productive look-up tool to help all the members search or contact vendors for their daily needs. Get important numbers synced within the app directory and solve your problems easily just on one click on the housing society management services.

Cohesive Security Device for perimeter security

Make your society more secure with Smart Town app that has unique and advanced features like visitor management, vehicle management and advanced technology techniques for the safety of the members.

Access Mobile/Web app from anywhere

Smart Town makes life simple for the clients by helping them manage users, visitors, vehicles, member tenets and documents quickly and effortlessly. It is a one stop solution offering smart society management services for a smart township which can be managed from anywhere, anytime just at one click.

Automated billing & online payments

The smart town app is integrated with an online payment gateway that enables members to pay their dues online using Net banking, Credit Card or Debit Cards and this payment gateway in turn credits the money in the society bank automatically.

Access to Private Social Network

With an added feature of having an access to all your private social network just at one click, smart town is one of the best app to manage your society affairs as well as sync it with your private life easily and effortlessly.

Manage Member’s directories

Smart Town can store all your members’ data in one place so that you can keep all the numbers of the members on your fingertips in case of emergencies under the housing society management services. Stay connected even when you are away!

Notifications via Email/SMS

You can now broadcast important upcoming event, activity or gathering updates to the society members with our smart app. Keep your members happy and engaged via notifications or send an e-mail or SMS and let them not miss anything important.

Events & Social Collaboration

Smart Town app also offers a central place to socially connect with your neighbours and share information. Share pictures of the events, conduct surveys or feedbacks or generate polls easily for any aspect of the society.

Visitor tracking without internet

With the visitor tracking feature of the Smart Town app you can now strengthen the security of your society by keeping the incoming or outgoing track of the people like visitors, vendors & contractors visiting the society.

Fully automated and integrated

Smart Town is a fully automated and technically integrated platform offering society accounting, data management, social collaboration as well as facility management for every housing society.

Support by Smart Town

Smart Town: housing society management services


First level support for any queries and clarifications. Unlimited during the tenure of this contract.

Smart Town: society management services


Second level support for any issues will be provided by our product support specialist during office hours. up to 20 hours

Smart Town: housing society management services

Personal Visit:

Third level support for any major issues will be provided which are physical in nature for installation or any integration.

Smart Town: society management services

Resource Support:

Onsite support resource for the initial tenure of 3 Months will smoothen the entire deployment process at site.

Smart Town: housing society management services

Training Manual:

We shall also provide Training Manual which covers step by step process of each function.

Smart Town: society management services

Training Videos:

Training Videos will be provided for the guidance and product understanding.

Is managing the society tough being a housing society management committee member?

Smart Town: housing society management software

Say goodbye to all the society management complexes with Smart Town – A one stop housing society management system for a smart township!

  • Get integrated payments gateway, bio metric readers and notification alerts for all the events
  • Increase transparency of society operations and accounts
  • Enhance the security with all technological advanced techniques
  • Get 24x7 help-desk support